De espesor de Metal de Oro de la Mitad-Borde de las Lentes de Marco Óptico de las Gafas y la Miopía Gafas con Bisagras de Muelle Unisex

Etiquetas: oro gafas de máscara, mate de oro gafas, girly los marcos de anteojos, cristal de titanio, fysh los marcos de anteojos, lente bifocal, marco de titanio, vino de oro gafas, a la abuela de marcos de anteojos, gafas de marco hombres.

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  • Tipo De Patrón: Sólido
  • Género: Unisex
  • Nombre De La Marca: Handoer
  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • Gafas Accesorios: MARCOS
  • El Material De La Montura: ALEACIÓN
  • Tipo De Elemento: Gafas Accesorios
  • Número De Modelo: 860 Marco De Aleación De Copas De La Mitad De Rim

Ms Ms1100
Delivery was about 3 weeks. The glasses came in a postage and an air capsule, as well as in a plastic transparent case, with a napkin for polishing, as well as with a card of my parameter. Glasses are completely made of metal and glass lenses. The model is presented in 4 types of frames, I completely chose gray metallic with glasses for plus 1.5. You can specify your parameters and also metric PD (distance in millimeters from the pupil to the pupil). Glasses have a metal partition among themselves, tabs on the nose are also made of silicone. The arms are also made of high-quality metal, but despite the fact that they are thin, the risk of breakage is minimized! Glasses are light, insanely comfortable, in front of the eyes, even with prolonged wearing, sit comfortably!

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